Where to Donate Blood

When a voluntary blood donor wish to donate blood to save someone’s life, he/she visits a blood centre or blood mobile van or a drive site to donate whole blood. The whole blood then goes to ‘component separation unit’ where it is separated chiefly into 3-4 components viz., Red Cells, Platelets, Plasma & CRYO. Each component is given to specific patient as per their requirement. This way a single whole blood donation can save up to 4 lives.

IMA Blood Bank In House

At IMA Blood Bank you can donate blood from 9 am to 5 pm on any day, 365 days in a serene environment which is highly appreciated by hundreds of voluntary regular blood donors. Soothing music in an air-conditioned area and lush green lawns makes your day. Many young donors celebrate their birthday here along with their friends.

Blood Mobile Van

Blood Mobile Vans provided by the KSBTC is used for conducting blood donation drives in different sites in city and suburbs for the convenience of voluntary blood donors. You can find the nearest Blood Mobile Location & timing from the IMA Blood Bank Blood Mobile Van is a very cozy and comfortable Air Conditioned Coach with all comforts.Voluntary blood donors enjoy donating blood in these mobile vans. Next time when you locate one, try yourself.

Voluntary Blood Donation Camps

Many Voluntary Social Organizations, Institutions and others frequently organize Blood Donation Camps in different part of the district with the help of IMA Blood Bank. You can register in any of these camps and donate.
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