IMA Blood Bank Thrissur was conceptualized in late 90s to establish a modern blood bank in this part of kerala . The existing blood banks were few and had the following disadvantages
  • Small scale of operation, poor infrastructure, lack of hygiene          and economically unstable.

  • Excessive dependence on replacement donors.
           Blood shortage.

  • Poor quality of testing, resulting in high percentage of transfusion transmitted diseases like HIV,        Hep.B, HCV, Malaria etc.

  • Only 5% blood was used as blood components. Low awareness amongst the clinicians to use the        blood components.

  • Attached to hospitals, blood bank would not grow beyond hospital's requirement of blood.

  • Lack of management systems.

  • We planned adequate and rugged infrastructure to make IMA Blood Bank collect, process and        distribute 50,000 units of blood per annum.

The blood centre designed to expand in a modular manner accommodate 150,000 units of blood per annum. Our objective of making IMA Blood Bank was to create a modern blood bank, which operates with high efficiency, accuracy of the modern blood banks in the developed countries, but still runs at cost which developing country's economy can absorb.

The blood centre was conceptualized to cost us Rs. 3 Crore. This required indigenous design and development of technology and systems. We floated our idea to District Panchayath Thrissur to set up a modern blood bank for the district that runs as a non profit organisation. The President & Members of Thrissur District Panchayath immediately appreciated the objective and collaboration was established . A free plot of land of 3 acres was allotted to build IMA Blood Bank.

The three fundamental philosophies guiding IMA Blood Bank:

  • Encourage only non- remunerated voluntary blood donors (NRVBD) and avoid replacement        donation.

  • Maximum component separation and their distribution.

  • Keep the scale of operations reasonably high to bring down the processing cost of blood        components.

Well-balanced, rugged infrastructure

A Model blood bank can be considered as a high technology pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Blood Banking Consists of. a) Blood Collection, b) Blood Processing and c) Blood Distribution. These three functions have well designed space, equipment, requisite number of trained people, systems and an organizational culture for processes to run smoothly.

Social Mobilization

Patients need blood for cure and survival is the sole reason for our existence as a blood bank. We were clear that to provide patients with safe, high quality blood without replacement in shortest possible time, we have to sensitize and mobilize the society to donate blood. This was the foundation philosophy of our societal marketing efforts. We developed Social Marketing team, in-house studio, educational materials, motivational material, inspirational blood drive systems to request the society to help their brethren. Now with 8 years of operation our efforts have brought to IMA Blood bank 95,712 Blood donation and issue of 165123 blood & components and an opportunity to save thousands of precious lives. IMA Blood bank has established as the biggest contributor to voluntary blood donations and life saving efforts in Thrissur District


    IMA Blood Bank Today

  • A non profit organization registered as Charitable society.

  • 100% Voluntary blood collection. Collecting about 20,000        units per annum.

  • About 40,000 blood & its components are distributed

  • Highest quality of blood and components comparable to any developed country at the cost of        Rs.400 - 650 per unit.

  • One of the leading blood bank of Kerala professionally managed by a team of experience        doctors and others devoted to the cause. .

  • Fully automated blood centre with barcode systems and fully integrated ERP software.        

  • Leading Blood Bank of Kerala professionally managed by a team of experienced
          doctors and others devoted to the cause.

  • Introduced novel campaigns to attract and involve the different sections in the society for Blood        Donation

IMA Blood Bank Complex & Research Centre
P.O Ramavarmupuram
Thrissur – 680 631, Kerala, India.
Tel: +91 487 2323964, 2320999
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