How to Get Blood ?

To get blood you must have doctor's prescription and properly labeled blood sample in plain tube and EDTA tube. Get the sample to IMA blood Bank at Ramavarmapuram, Thrissur. Depending upon blood component you need it may take 45 minutes to 1 hour. You have to pay service charge as per the rate list given below. Rates may change without any updating on website. Some of the rare groups of blood can be sometimes in short supply and it is better to check with Blood Bank before you visit with blood sample..
In a country where blood is very scarce resource and there aren’t enough voluntary blood donors, IMA Blood Bank made it very simple to get blood. This is no wonder when you believe in voluntary non-remunerated blood donations. When you need blood, you call IMA Blood Bank and book the needed component. If it is available it is given to you without asking for replacement at predefined testing charges. If you are a blood donor of IMA or Drive Organiser, you can mention that while placing request. You should however send the person with Doctor’s prescription for specific component and blood sample of patient for cross match. Blood banking simplified.

How much time it will take to get blood?

It takes about 1 to 2 hours to cross match the blood sample and provide you with needed component. When you need more than 1 component it may take little more time as various technical and medial precautions are taken before handing over the component to you.

Why replacement is not encouraged?

IMA Blood Bank do not encourage replacement with the donors. Replacement donations are those donations where a patient or his relative brings a donor to donate blood at the blood bank to get blood in addition to paying testing charges. This donor could be a paid or professional donor or some one close to the patient and intend to hide some facts from the medical examiner to procure blood component. With this the blood donation could become riskier. It is also highly unscientific and many developed countries have discontinued this practice. IMA Blood Bank doesn’t encourage replacement donations.

Why blood Testing charge?

IMA Blood Bank administers only approved testing charges uniformly from all the patients/ hospitals inand around the district. The blood testing charges are controlled by government norms in India and no blood bank could charge beyond the approved cost norms. It could only recover the costs that it incurred during the blood banking process within these limits.
IMA Blood Bank follows international quality standards in blood collection, processing and distribution. These activities involve reasonable costs as most of the equipments and materials are imported for this purpose. It provides international quality blood products at 1/10 of international cost. For example in Europe it costs anywhere between € 80 to 300 for a blood product. The same quality products are provided by IMA Blood Bank at Rs.400 to 650 Within this cost IMA manages to provide possible discounts to poor and needy patients.
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