One of the earliest beliefs, which get established in a child's mind, is that blood is essence of life. Whenever a child gets even a small cut or loses blood the event is considered serious. There are so many emotions which get attached with experiences related to blood as one grows up in life This get established in everybody's mind that loss of blood will cause death and by giving blood someone's life can be saved. Blood always creates fear and respect. Amidst this, wide gap of life and death issue associated with blood, there is a brave and dedicated creed which goes into the act of donating blood and saving lives in the society. It is very early in child's life that the sensitization happens with respect to loss of blood and pain associated with it.This instils a sense of fear in almost all kids. As the life progresses people experience more emotions related to blood in cinema, literature and their own personal experiences. Almost all also learn that giving blood can also save life. Amidst the conflicts of emotions between giving blood and fear associated with losing blood almost no one donates blood till there is a compulsion to donate blood for a loved one. At IMA Blood Bank we took the alternate route to educate the society and encourage them to donate blood for saving their own brethren in the society .

Every year thousands of voluntary donors are mobilized to donate blood in blood donation drives. Their blood has been componentized and transfused to struggling patients, saving life of most of them. This massive life saving effort has created unseen but magical connectivity within the society, of life saving magnitude. The presence of this connectivity can be felt as 20,000 blood donors voluntarily donate blood every year at IMA Blood Bank for patients who struggle to get blood and Around 40,000 components are distributed by IMA Blood Bank every year to match up 50% blood requirement of various hospitals in the district. To make this connectivity a little more visible, a little more effective, a little more responsive, we launched our website to salute blood donors,hundreds of physicians who use blood to save their patients and hundreds of organizations who do the great social act of blood donation drives for the benefit of the society at large

We hope to give enough coverage to life saving deeds by blood donors, physicians and the hardships of patients needing blood. This website's main aim is to sensitize the society towards blood donation and make our society self-sustained and insured with respect to blood requirement. We hope you will join the efforts to take our city to one of the model societies in the world with respect to meeting its own blood requirements. Your contribution and active participation is eagerly awaited.

With Heartfelt thanks & warm regards,

Dr. V. Govindan Kutty


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