Criteria for Blood Donation


  • Blood Donor should be in good health, mentally alert and physically fit. He should not be excessively nervous at the time of donation.
  • Any healthy adult donor between 18 (completed 18 years) and 60 years of age can donate blood.
  • Blood donor above 45kg can safely donate 350 ml of blood. Those who are above 55 kg can donate 450 ml of whole blood.
  • Women can donate at 4 months interval and men can donate at 3 months interval provided they qualify on medical grounds to donate.
  • Pulse should be 50 to 100/min (manually) and blood pressure should not be higher than 170mm of Hg systolic and 100mm of Hg. Diastolic. Lower limit – systolic pressure should not be below 100mm. of Hg and diastolic should not be below 60mm of Hg.
  • Hemoglobin should be equal to or more than 12.5gm %.
  • Donor should have something to eat before donating blood.
  • The skin at venepuncture site, should be free from any lesion or scar of needle puncture, and should not have any contagious skin diseases like eczema etc.
  • If any donor has to go for any sporting activity immediately after donation he should be advised not to donate blood.
  • Doctor on drive site may defer a donor if any abnormality found in medical history of the donor.


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