We are passionate about blood banking. Passionate about blood availability to every needy patient. Our compassion towards the human sufferings is the major factor that drives us for excellence in prompt and quality services to the society.


We believe in professionalism i.e., high standards of personal conduct, character and approach to the cause. We sincerely strive to bring in needed professionalism in blood banking in the society so that the society gets the best it deserves.


We embrace creativity in what we do and take pride in the outcome. To this, we ensure most conducive work environment where new ideas and innovations are constantly nurtured and encouraged.

Sensitivity to changes

Change is the one thing that is constant in society. IMA Blood Bank remains as a dynamic organization where change is integral part of its culture. For us, change is a pre-requisite for growth.


We carry and display moral and mental strength to face any kind of adversity. We believe that every one of us should have the ability to take risk.


We commit for complete honesty and fairness in all dealings with people, institutions and society.

Complete transparency in resource use and high level of integrity are valued.

Growth Orientedness

We set challenging yet achievable goals to ourselves so that we constantly strive to achieve them. The constant drive to grow keeps us competitive and relevant to the societal needs.

IMA Blood Bank Complex & Research Centre
P.O Ramavarmupuram
Thrissur – 680 631, Kerala, India.
Tel: +91 487 2323964, 2320999
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