Blood Drives:

Attractive Blood Donation Drive is the secret of success of IMA Blood Bank. Aimed reach all sections of eligible donors in the society several new campaigns were introduced which have been widely appreciated. People are attracted whenever a new campaign is introduced to promote blood donation.


Blood Donation Drives organized in the various colleges is known as “Kalalayathullikal”. It is not just blood donation; the students actively participate in the painting, slogan, quiz competitions and awareness classes on blood donation. The occasion is made into a celebration with a lot of music and entertainments. More than 100 very successful camps were conducted in various colleges under this program within a period of two years and the project has now been adopted to be introduced in colleges all over Kerala.


Nobody had thought of the relevance of Blood Donation Drives in schools which consisted of children below 18 years who are not eligible to donate blood. IMA Blood Bank recognized their importance as potential blood donors of tomorrow and came out with a novel idea of motivating them. Students consider their teachers and parents as their role models and whatever they do is likely to be emulated by them. Taking this clue the new scheme was introduced in the schools. It consists of blood donation by the teachers and parents in the presence of the students, awareness classes on Blood and its functions, Quiz and Painting competitions and Blood grouping for students. Prizes and certificates are given to winners and participants. This is coupled with video presentation on blood and its functions, the need for blood donation along with music and entertainment programs by the students themselves. A celebration atmosphere is created to get rid of the fear of blood. The program was an instant success and many schools came forward to conduct it. Trophies and certificates are issued to the schools which made largest number of blood donations and the winners of inter-school quiz competitions at a colorful function organized by the IMA Blood Bank in one of the prize winning schools at the end of the academic year.


The maximum numbers of healthy adults are employed in the various trading and business establishments. Realizing the fact IMA Blood Bank joined hands with their largest organization KVVES and its Youth Wing to conduct blood donation drives in different parts of the district as “Blood Supermarket”. The owners and the employees came forward to donate blood in record numbers. At the end of the year Trophies are given to the local KVVES branches which donated the maximum number of blood units and for the best arrangements and publicity.


Ayurveda has an important place in the healthcare system of Kerala. Thrissur has more than 100 Ayurveda drug manufacturing firms and thousands of selling outlets employing tens of thousands healthy adults. Though blood transfusion is not part of Ayurvedic treatment IMA Blood Bank could make them actively involve in the process of blood donation by convincing them that blood is the essence of life and needed by all. “Ayurthullikal“ turned out to be the most appropriate term for their blood donation drives in the district. The campaign has also helped to associate the members of two different systems of medicine who did not have a common platform.


Policemen constitute one of the most physically fit group. Kerala Police Academy and the Armed Reserve Police situated next to the IMA Blood Band Bank have always come forward to donate blood whenever there is an emergency or shortage. The newly introduced Jamamythri wing of Kerala Police play an active role in organizing blood donation drives along with the public. Border Security Force Battalion which was recently established in Thrissur is actively involving in blood donation drives. “Blood Salute” is the newly introduced blood donation drive based at the different Police stations in the district and the IMA Blood Bank has been offered full support by the District Police Commissioner to make it a success.


Blood donation drives conducted in the different Industrial Units big or small under the banner “Techno drops” is also a great success. Both the management and the employees came forward to donate blood under this scheme.Trophies are given to the establishments who make excellent arrangements and maximum donations.


Exclusive Blood Donation Drives for couples were organized by the IMA Blood Bank. The novel idea of couples donating blood together attracted many to come forward to acknowledge their mutual love for a worthy cause. The secretary of District Blood Donors Forum Mr. Jerome donated blood for the 25th time at the venue of his marriage in the church along with his bride Delcy immediately after their wedding ceremony in the presence of the priests in their wedding costume. Drawing inspiration from them many couples who came to attend the wedding also donated blood at the special drive organized by IMA Blood Bank. Many V.I.Ps attended the function and blessed the couple. It was a unique occasion and got very good media coverage.


Exclusive Blood Donation Drives for women were organized to attract more women to come forward for blood donation and to increase the awareness among them. The first of its kind organized by the Women’s wing of Cycco Club, Marathakkara was a great success with 87 ladies donating blood on the occasion. The percentage of women donors is increasing due to the joint efforts of IMA Blood Bank and the various women’s organizations in the district.


Blood Donation Drives were organized under the banner of “Snehathullikal “to spread the message of love and compassion and the need to help a fellow human being who is in need of blood to save his life. Though it is a common theme to motivate the people for blood donation, special campaigns with such a caption attracted more people. A video film with the same name produced by the IMA Blood Bank on Blood Donation is screened for the public at the camp sites to increase the awareness.


To motivate the youth between the age group of 18 to 25 to become regular blood donors, Thrissur Chapter of Club 25 International is formed under the IMA Blood Bank. The members donate blood once in 3-4 months and they are encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle free from alcohol, drugs and other vices. The members also get the opportunity to interact with the youth of similar interests in more than 65 countries across the world through Club 25 Online and participate in activities of mutual interest. Already more than 100 youths have registered as members and more are coming forward.


Lions Clubs International District 324 E2 have joined hands with the IMA Blood Bank to conduct Blood donation drives under the different clubs in Thrissur, Malappuram and Palakkad districts and to make it an occasion to celebrate. District level seminar on Blood Donation was also conducted to increase awareness among Lions Club members. The Lions District Governor, the first lady and their son were the first to donate blood and set an example to all the Lions Club members.


The hundredth anniversary of the National Anthem was celebrated in a befitting way by the IMA Blood Bank with 100 KVVES volunteers donating blood on that day. The message of the National Anthem was explained by Dr. C. K. Thomas, Director of Doordarshan, Thrissur and a competition of singing the national anthem was held during the blood donation which instilled a spirit of pride and patriotism among the donors and others. From a 5 year old child to an elderly lady of 72 participated in the singing competition. IMA Blood Bank was the only organization to celebrate the occasion in such a big way and the program was telecast on Doordarshan.


Valentines Day was celebrated by the youth of Thrissur by donating blood in the name of the loved one. The campaign was promoted by the popular FM Radio, Club FM which gave wide publicity. “I will love you giving blood” was the special message for the occasion and it got very good media attention. Many youths came forward to become members of Club 25 pledging to donate blood regularly. Club FM has also taken up the responsibility to promote Club 25 activities.

City Blood

The blood donation drives organized at short notice in busy centres of the city using the Blood Mobile Van with the help of Janamythri Police, Local traders, Auto drivers etc attract many passerby to donate blood. The unexpected warm welcome, cozy air conditioned coach with video, music and refreshments make blood donation a very casual and enjoyable experience.


All Kerala Photographers Association is a very strong organization with hundreds of active units in the district. They have come forward to organize voluntary blood donation camps under the banner “Life Click” which will go on for a year. Their members and the public donate blood. A photography competition is also arranged covering the interesting moments in the blood donation camps and prizes will be awarded to the best entries. AKPA Units having the maximum number of donations will be felicitated and honored in a colorful function at the end of the year.
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