Blood donation process

1) Registration

When you visit IMA Blood Bank Blood Mobile Vans or any of the blood donation camps or drives to donate blood, you are asked to fill a ‘Donor registration’ form. This is your consent to donate blood at the blood centre. You are asked few questions by the Doctor on drive to assess whether you qualify under eligibility criteria to donate blood.

2) Health Screening

After filling the registration form you undergo a medical screening. Trained staff of blood centre will check your temperature, blood pressure, pulse & weight to ensure that you are eligible to donate. This is called Primary Screening. Once you qualify at primary screening, you shall proceed to secondary screening. Here your haemoglobin level is checked by staff and your medical history by the doctor present. Once you qualify to donate you straight away walk to donate. It is generally advisable to take 5 minutes rest before you proceed for screening. Take glucose water with a pinch of salt. Relax for a while and proceed. Our refreshment volunteer will assist you.

3) The Blood Donation

Before the donation, a trained staff member cleans the area where it is punctured for blood donation. All supplies used in this process, cotton, bandage, including the needle, are sterile and disposable; therefore, it is highly safe to donate blood at IMA Blood Bank. The actual blood donation will only take 5-10 minutes. Blood donation is a pleasant experience. You find yourself quite ecxited.

4) Refreshment:

After your donation, lay on bed for few minutes. Rise slowly and reach to our refreshment area, where our volunteers will provide you with refreshment to replenish the sugar and fluids in your body. It is advisable to take light refreshment after the donation. Take more liquids if possible.

5) Post Donation Care

  • Eat and drinks something before leaving
  • Drink more liquids than usual in next 4 hours
  • Avoid consuming alcohol until you have eaten something
  • Don't smoke for next 30 minutes
  • Avoid climbing steps for next 30 minutes
  • If there is bleeding from the phlebotomy site, raise the arm and apply pressure
  • If fainting or dizziness occurs, either lie down or sit with the head between the knees
  • Resume all normal activities if no symptoms occur
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